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Our Medlite C6 Tattoo Removal Machine

Laser Tattoo Removal MedliteC6

At Tattoo Removal Toowoomba we use the MedLite C6 tattoo removal machine which is the most effective type of laser tattoo removal in the world, ensuring that you receive a great result every time. 

The MedLite has been the laser of choice for tattoo removal since it was launched in 1992 - and the MedLite C6 is the latest evolution of that laser. Featuring Photo-Acoustic technology and four different wavelengths, it provides a safe, clinically proven treatment for black and multi-coloured tattoo removal.

By utilising four different wavelengths to remove coloured tattoo ink, the MedLite C6 produces far better results than systems which try to remove all colours using only one wavelength.

This powerful tattoo removal laser selectively targets the clumps of tattoo ink, penetrating through the skin and shattering it into smaller particles which can then be removed via the body’s immune system.

The video below demonstrates how the laser tattoo removal machine works. You can also find out more about our tattoo removal process on our FAQs page

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How the Medlite C6 Breaks down your Tattoo

The Medlite C6 Laser is state of the art technology, allowing clients to safely and  effectively have their Tattoos removed with almost no pain and down time. The Medlite C6 Laser easily brakes down the ink particles under the skin without causing any harm to the skin.